Saturday, 18th July, 2015, 22:25 Jubilejnik

Magnifico, balkan chameleon, cowboy and chansonnier, returns back to the music scene after very successful soundtrack for the movie and the show Montevideo, bog te video. Published in April “Tivoli” is the first song from his upcoming album – and as the foreword explains “it is dedicated to the last of the romantics in the world, eternal idealists, hopeless bluffers and depraved voyeurs”.

The upcoming album, published in the fall, is still without a title. Pivo in cvetje Festival visitors will be able to hear some of Magnifico’s latest songs, since he will be performing them on the Jubilejnik Stage for the first time ever. He is accompanied by a great band – members are his brother Schatz!, Ivan Pavlović, Matej Kužel, Matija Krečič, Jan Gregorka and Teo Colori. Apart from his greatest hits he will present some material from his new album.

Magnifico and his band will perform on Jubilejnik Stage on Saturday after the fireworks. Alpski kvintet and Oto Pestner perform on the same stage on the same night. Maybe there will be some surprises … we will just have to wait and see!

Magnifico - Tivoli ( NEW SINGLE 2015 )
Magnifico & The Serbian Army Orchestra - iThink